Great Insights On Contracting A Painter

When finally it’s the time to give your home a facelift and you decide to spruce it, either exterior or interior part, painting will not disappoint. However, having the paint done is never an easy task, you have the option of doing it yourself or getting professional services. Professional services will take out the stress from you. But finding the right professional painter needs careful consideration.

After you have made up mind on hiring a painter, compile a list of renowned painters, compile their profiles, this will help you shortlist the top painters guided by your budget and the quality of work you need. The best source to compile your list from is from the Internet and referrals. Narrow down the number to about 5 painters. Subject them to scrutiny to pick the best.

The following tips how to pick house painters

  1. i) Check their work and references

Inquire from the shortlisted painters, the work or projects they have worked on. Make an effort a visit the work to rate their work. Refer to their references, positive references will be a sign of quality work.

  1. ii) Consider their credentials

Not just for works and projects worked on, painters registered in painters association and membership to affiliated associations is a sign of reliability and credibility. Use this to rate on professionalism of the painters

iii) Your expectations

Let the shortlisted painters understand your expectations and the time frame. This will ensure there won’t be contract hitches. Do research on painting; let them understand the preparations number of layers and the fine details you want.

  1. iv) Signing of contract

Make the painting job a contact between you and the painter; sign the contracts to provide a remedy in case of breach of contract from either party. A contract formalizes the agreement to provide for a cause of action in case of default.

  1. v) Guarantee

Always ensure to get guaranteed by the painter committing to correct any peeling, flaking, chipping, blistering, excessive chipping or flaking within two years after the work at low or no cost. Do not be convinced that paint has a warranty; the labor warranty and paint warrant is not related.

  1. vi) Get quotations to cost

When costing the contact, get a quotation on all breakdowns. This will be labor, primer, equipment, number of coatings and the cost of surface preparation.

vii) Personal interview

Interview the painter for personal life, and make questions ask the painter, for example

  • How long they have been in the business?
  • Will they subcontract the work?
  • Their preferred products
  • Do they have insurance covers and for their workers?
  • Verify their licenses and their credentials to certify their originality.

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