why you need HOA management

HOA management companies are supposed to help association-governed communities oversee their interests by providing an array of essential services. However, as helpful as HOA management companies can be, there are also situations when they simply don’t meet the needs of some of the neighborhoods they serve.
In many communities, the homeowners get together for meetings, go over the community rules, take suggestions and tackle the finances of the association. When only a few homeowners are involved, and those homeowners happen to have the right skills, a do-it-yourself management approach might work. But, in many cases, it can also lead to a lack of objectivity and uncomfortable conflicts among neighbors. In addition, most board members volunteer their time and discover that managing a subdivision can be overwhelming. But, much of this conflict can be avoided when the homeowners association hires a professional management company like https://www.communityassociationmanagement.com.

Over the past 16 years, MGM Association Management (www.gomgm.com) in Meridian, Idaho, has been working with community-interest developments (aka: homeowner’s associations), and in that time they have learned how to assist and to work in partnership with board members to develop thriving communities. Thriving. Because board members who volunteer their time can focus on their neighborhood culture, rather than spend enormous amounts of time managing the books. MGM Association Management accomplishes this by providing valuable insight and expertise to homeowner associations throughout the western United States. MGM Association Management has learned through the years that the needs and budget constraints of a homeowners association are unique, as well as unique to the development it serves.

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That’s why their initial service starts at $1.00 per home. MGM Association Management provides a three tier service system that is both affordable and cost-effective no matter how involved the board gets. Despite what level of service the board chooses, all levels receive the benefits of the Budget Plan which includes basic accounting services. A few more options are added onto the Budget Plus Plan, such as assisting the board with HOA amendments to help fine-tune the governing of a subdivision, and the highest level of management support is available to those who want to invest in the Premium Service. With the Premium Service, associations throughout the United States receive guidance with accounting, budgeting, billing, financial statements, banking and more.

At the Budget Plan level, MGM Association Management can help with basic budgeting and various accounting services, including filing corporate taxes. At the Budget Plus level, a register of owners is also provided. The management company will handle governing documents and help maintain necessary files for licenses, insurance and certifications. For Premium Service associations, MGM Association Management coordinates and distributes a community-specific newsletter, maintains a community-specific website, and 24 hour voicemail services. MGM Association Management will also handle inspections and CC&R violations of the HOA contract.


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